Hyperlight Eyewear

July 2019
In order for the effects of light to be optimal, photons should be arranged in symmetry as biomolecules in the body, so that they can be quickly and efficiently recognized at first glance.

Đuro Koruga


We are light beings, since our body is primarily electromagnetic by nature. Air, water and food are just prerequisites for maintaining the electromagnetism of our body. Without air we can live for 3-5 minutes, without water 9-12 days and without food 40-48 days, but we would not survive a moment without electromagnetism (light)! The moment when electromagnetism disappears, cells with their synchronized electromagnetic activity are extinguished and they die – the body stops functioning as a biological system.

The influence of light on human body is extremely important. “The play of light and darkness” influences through our brain the secretion of hormones, body temperature, blood pressure, locomotive activities, sleep cycle, metabolism, etc. Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young have been studying this phenomenon for almost 30 years and they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2017 for their discoveries of the mechanisms that control the circadian rhythm.

Through the brain, light influences the functioning of our body (secretion of hormones, sleep/wake cycle, metabolism, blood pressure, body temperature, locomotive activities, etc.). In order for our body to function normally, light should be of adequate energy and photons should be structurally, by angular momenta, symmetrically ordered as biomolecules so that resonance recognition can occur at the quantum level, as a result of which harmony is established in the whole body.

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