Maintaining good health for a lifetime is the ultimate goal of every patient and physician. Our modern, comfort-craving and health-compromising lifestyle subjects us to all kinds of stress that wreaks havoc on our immune system, impairing our body’s natural ability to fight infections and to heal. The environmental burden is particularly threatening to our health, as it affects our immunity on a daily basis leading to activation of pro-inflammatory reactions and destructive processes. A growing body of research indicates that, in many cases, these initially silent inflammatory processes start in the oral cavity. If not stopped in time they can progress to affect people’s systemic health. This imbalance of the oral immunity followed by silent inflammation and disturbance of oral microbiome is called periodontitis.

Inflammatory control is necessary to prevent and to reverse development of this chronic and degenerative condition.

Zepter delivers a new unique scientifically tested solution combining the advanced Swiss and German technology that is proven to effectively prevent the onset of periodontal disease and reduce periodontal degeneration in patients with gum disease. The implementation of these approaches to oral health is a perfect investment into long-lasting health of the mouth and body.