The medical Micro Silver BGTM is used as a natural anti-microbial compound for skin care and as a surgical coating as it is proven to be safe and to effectively reduce biofilm without entering human cells. It is free of nanoparticles and uses the power of ions to fight oral pathogens and reduce their ability to grow, without the need for aggressive chemicals. The unique anti-microbial property of medical Micro Silver BGTM is clinically proven and highly effective.

Eugenol – supports the regeneration of gums and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits within seconds:

  • After using the tooth paste and rinse, there will be zero plaque development for the next 12 hours
  • The rinse eliminates bad breath immediately
  • Pro vitamin B5 and panthenol support wound healing in the oral cavity
  • Ideal for people with history of chronic disease to gently treat oral inflammation

For best results please use in combination with the PerioSafe® Toothpaste.

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