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Wound healing of a dressage pony
Ms. Raija Lydecken, 2020
(former worker at Zepter Finland)
Mrs. Lydecken is owner of a pony called Angel. Earlier this year, on 20.01.2020, an accident happened in Angel’s stable and she was found with her leg stuck between the door in her box early in the morning. After freeing her leg, a large, horrific wound was revealed. No one believed she would be able to get well again.

Treatment and methodology:

The leg was immediately operated and a week later additional proceedings were made at the Viik University Animal Hospital in Finland. At first the leg was put in bandages and kept in them for one week. Then...
Last year I purchased a Bioptron Light Therapy
Customer Testimonial
Last year I purchased a Bioptron Light Therapy after a brief demonstration of the product.

The purchase was initially for use on an injured horse, which had been diagnosed as having a severe joint injury to the lower front leg, resulting in RING BONE.

The prognosis was that the horse would no longer be able to jump and should be retired or put down, as he would ultimately become un-ridable.

We treated the leg with the Bioptron for six months, with miraculous results.

Today, the horse continues to jump in competitions, and is ridden every day. He has no...