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Medolight BluDoc

Device for cosmetic procedures employing blue led light and infrared light

Why using Medolight BluDoc:

  • the perfect solution for people who understand the necessity of constant care for a healthy looking skin. The innovation consists in the unique combination of wavelengths, their frequency, and scientifically grounded cosmetic procedures.
  • a modern technology that activates various enzymatic processes in the body that are important for life. It is a supplementation of electromagnetic energy, charging cell mitochondria by boosting the reserves of the energy carrier – adenosine triphosphatase (ATP).
  • an aesthetically executed product intended to improve the quality of life. It is so easy to use that you are going to want to keep using it all the time.

Medolight BluDoc device

Why blue light

The main adaptation mechanism created by the blue light is the increase in energy stores in body tissues at expense of increased synthesis of ATP in cell mitochondria. The blue range of waves is absorbed intensely by numerous photosensitive structures (flavins, porphyrins, carotenoids). This ensures normal course of photochemical reactions that are important for biological functioning of skin.

Medolight BluDoc can be used for a vast range of skin conditions like: preparing the skin for a cosmetological (cosmetic) procedure, coarse, itchy skin, consequences of injury to soft tissues of the face, aging skin, after a deep cleansing of the face, symptoms of acne, hyperesthesia.

Technical data

Item code Z5L-C
Product name Medolight BluDoc
Gross weight [kg] 0.275
Net weight [kg] 0.112
Application The device for cosmetic treatments with blue and infrared LED light
Dimensions in box Dimensions of the device in package 54,5 x 40 x 25 cm
Dimensions 131x65x12 mm
Power density 4mW/cm²
Wavelength Infrared - 940nm +/- 30nm blue - 470nm +/- 30nm
Voltage Detachable charger
Power charger 100-240V / 50 Hz / 5,4V +/- 10%
Battery type 3,7V 1450 mAh LI-ION
Charging time ap. 3 hours
Work time up to 60 min.
Light energy per minute max 2,75J/cm2
Producer Zepter International Poland Sp. z o.o.
Made in Poland
Certifications / declaration PN-EN 60335-1:2012 PN-EN 60335-2-27:2014-02 PN-EN 62471:2010 PN-EN 55014-1:2012 PN-EN 55014-2:2015-06 PN-EN 62233:2008
Warranty 2 years
Medolight BluDoc device

How the light impacts the skin

The optical properties of living tissues facilitate the passage of light in different directions. There takes place diffusive absorption of light with the whole skin surface. The biological impact of light consists mainly in absorption thereof. It depends on mutual activity of external photons and electrons of body molecules.
The skin absorbs 25-30%, muscles and bones - 30-80%, and parenchymal organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) - up to 100% of infrared radiation within the range from 800 to 1200 nm.


Blue light

It has been established that all the living organisms - from the simplest ones to human beings - have special energy-sensitive proteins that function independently of the nervous system. Their sensitivity depends on frequency and amplitude of electromagnetic waves. It has impact on the intensity of metabolism in mitochondria. Their activation turns on genetic programs within the cells, enabling stabilisation of body functions. We find confirmation of active participation of blue light in great variety of spheres of body activity.

It has been proved experimentally that on subcellular, cellular and systemic level there take place complex physiological reactions to blue light. [Karandaszow W.I., 1998]. Improvement in microcirculation depends on reduction in viscosity of blood and aggregation of erythrocytes. This leads to acceleration in supply of O2 to tissues and its use. The blood levels of glucose and atherogenic lipids decrease. Supplementation of energy to blood cells and proteins means that immunity is normalised. The flow of nerve impulses is improved. All of this result in accelerated regeneration in case of disorders. There is also known the antibacterial and antiviral effect that occurs during application of short-wave part of the spectrum onto the skin.

Medolight blue dotsMedolight blue dots

How medolight BluDoc works on skin cells

Medolight BluDoc employs extravisual correction mechanisms. At the same time, light photons penetrate the subordinate tissues and activate a whole chain of photochemical processes dependent on light. At the same time, depending on whether in a specific electromagnetic zone there exist any receptors (acupuncture points), their relation to numerous distant systems of the body are activated. The pulsating light supply regimen provides a more natural and synchronous cooperation with its biological structures. Low frequencies are a condition for renewal of the electromagnetic balance.


Medolight BluDoc

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