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The world leader in anti-inflammatory pain relief therapy

The medolight device uses an innovative application method, with exposure from the distance of 0-5 mm. The whole light energy reaches the exposed area without interference caused by damping, while ensuringthe most effective treatment in the exposed area and in the whole organism.

The medolight constructors have chosen the most the-rapeutically effective radiation ranges, that is red and near infrared. Because they give the best healing and prophylactic effects.

Before using medolight therapy we recommend to consult a physician, to determine whether this treatment is suitable for you or whether you require alternative medical treatment.

When do we need Medolight therapy

The medolight device uses the most important non-visual corrective mechanisms, that is those not related to the visual system. Light penetrates the exposed tissues and triggers a whole chain of biochemical light-dependent processes. If the exposed area contains electromagnetic receptors (acupuncture points), they are activated and the beneficial effects can be observed in other systems and organs. Pulsating light ensures more natural and synchronic effect on the organism.

The low frequency pulsating light emitted by medolight ensures the restoration of electromagnetic balance, overall strengthening, relieves tonic pains. The high frequency pulsating light emitted by the medolight relieves sharp pain and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Medolight device

Technical data

Item code Z4L
Product name Medolight by BIOPTRON® - Medical Light Therapy Device
Gross weight [kg] 0.78
Net weight [kg] 0.51
Application A medical device for light therapy
Dimensions in box Dimensions of the device in package 54,5 x 40 x 25 cm
Dimensions 130 x 71 x 42 mm
Power density 4mW/cm²
Wavelength Near infrared 880+/-30 nm red 640+/- nm
Voltage Detachable charger
Power charger 230V/50 Hz / 5,4V +/- 10%
Battery type Li-ION - 3,7V,1700 mAh
Charging time ap. 3 hours
Work time ap. 60 min.
Light energy per minute Max 1.6 J/cm²
Producer Zepter International Poland Sp. z o.o.
Made in Poland
Certifications / declaration EN60601-1;EN60601-1-2;EN60825;93/42/EEC EN 60601-1:2006 Medical electrical equipment — Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance, EN60601-1-2: 2007 Medical Electrical Equipment – Electromagnetic Compatibility, EN60825-1:2007 Safety of laser products. 
Equipment classification and requirements, Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices
Warranty 2 years


130 mm
71 mm
Technical draw - Up
200 mm
42 mm
Technical draw - Side

Medolight in therapy

The medolight device has been created to ensure the most effective healing. A mixture of red and near infrared wavelengths with their pulsating application offers the best conditions for healing, prophylaxis and rehabilitation.

Taking into account the clinical experience in light therapy accumulated by specialists, medolight may be used to:

  • prevent and cure initial stages of illnesses and to speed up recovery after an illness;
  • correct and treat disfunctions of particular organs;
  • normalize the function of regulatory systems (central neural, immune, endocrine);
  • relieve stress and excess tension;
  • relieve pain, improve microcirculation and reduce swelling;
  • activates local anti-inflammatory processes;
  • activate enzymes. This is accompanied by theemission of nitrogen monoxide, which is an activefactor and a regulator of cardiovascular and neural systems, as well as the processes taking place in tissues;
  • increase the amount of energy accumulated in the cells necessary in life processes and defense mechanisms;
  • radiological protection (in prophylaxis and afterexposure).

Medolight therapy is very effective in the treatment of a number of diseases which are chronic or have a tendency to relapse. In many cases it is beneficial to use medolight therapy as a complementary method to the basic treatment.

Medolight red dotsMedolight red dots

Medolight in prophylaxis

Medolight can be used on a regular basis at home because one of its advantages is the high prophylactical effectivity.


  • stimulates overall immunity, which offers a high effectivity in the prophylaxis of infections;
  • increases vitality.
Woman with Medolight device

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