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Limits of delivery & payment methods


The delivery of purchased Products is realized only via the Seller’s chosen currier service (DPD or UPS) within the territory of EU (excluding: Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania), UK, Norway, Monaco, Mexico, Republic of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand excluding dependent territories of the above mentioned states.The delivery of the Products are realized only within the territory on which the Client has his domicile or registered office.

The following Products:

  • Oxy sterile 250 ml code PAG-961-250S is not delivered to Mexico, Republic of South Africa, Australia, Spain, Malta and New Zealand

  • Medolight code Z4L & Medolight BluDoc code Z5L-C are not delivered to Mexico, Republic of South Africa, Australia, Spain and New Zealand

  • Bioptron Medall Set code PAG-960-SET, Bioptron Pro1 Set code PAG-990, Bioptron 2 Set code PAG-880-SET, Color Light Therapy Set codes: PAG-965-SET and PAG-992-SET, Colored filters for Bioptron Pro1 codes PAG-992-CTF (1-7), Colored filters for Bioptron Medall codes PAG-965-CTF (1-7), Bioptron Medall code PAG-960, Floor stand for Bioptron Medall code PAG-964-FSM, Floor stand for Bioptron Pro1 code PAG-991-FS, Fullerene Filters codes PAG-960-FFK and PAG-990-FFK are not delivered to Australia, Spain and Republic of South Africa

The Products are delivered on working days from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The Seller reserves the right to perform the delivery in bigger amount of packages if the size exceeds the size of a Euro pallet or/and if the weight of the delivered consignment exceeds 31.5 kg and in case of delivery outside the Europe – 20 kg.


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