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55 year old male. Liver Cancer. - Testimonial photo

55 year old male. Liver Cancer.

Sue Kozlowski, Health Pharmacy, Jhb
Professional Testimonial

Sue Kozlowski, Health Pharmacy

55 year old male. Liver Cancer (advanced). Right lower back pain & sciatica. Unable to sleep, worried. Daily 30 minutes (Bioptron) treatment to lower right lumbar region. Relief of pain after first treatment, able to walk more upright. Slept much better during treatment sessions. In-between chemotherapy - desperate for Bioptron after a break of 4 days of chemotherapy and bed rest at home. Great relief to this very ill patient.

32 year old male. Ribs right side. Complained of poor sleeping, pain and difficult breathing. (very into healthy lifestyle). Only 3 x 30 minute treatments to site of injury. Slept better even after one treatment. Much better in 3 days. Good results even with sinus pain.

Sue Kozlowski, Health Pharmacy