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Varicose veins treatment - Testimonial photo

Varicose veins treatment

Mrs Maureen Eloff, 2019, Potgietersrust
Customer Testimonial

I treated my Sister's varicose veins by applying the Bioptron directly to the veins on her legs.

She had 2 treatments per day for about 4-5 days. The doctors had treated her and wanted to operate, but she refused to go to hospital. Within a few days the problem had become so much better that she doesn't have any pain and the large bulges had diminished considerably. Unfortunately, I do not stay near enough to keep the treatment up and therefore it has not disappeared. I'm confident that with regular treatment, it would disappear. It is no longer inflamed and hard, but became soft.

My husband was becoming bald at the back of his head. I find that a bigger machine would give better results in this case, but even with the small one, the baldness is disappearing. He doesn't sit under the Bioptron regularly and neither can he accurately pin down the spot, yet the patch is disappearing.

I've had problems with allergies since a child. My very sensitive nose always blocks up quickly in Autumn and spring. As soon as this starts I use the Bioptron for quick relief. Once again, when it subsides, I stop the treatment - therefore it has not been overcome. Maybe it's because of our hectic lifestyle. The moment one feels better, you tend to use the Bioptron for something else.