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Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer - Bioptron News photo

Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer

Dr. Essadok Tayeb, Algeria, 2020
Plastic Surgeon at “Clinique bir mourad rais”
Professional Testimonial

A 58 years old woman suffered for over five years from poor management of her venous problems.

Five years ago, the patient had a piece of skin removed that was pre-cancerous and located on the heel. Unfortunately, after the surgery the site healed poorly. Even a skin transplantation was tried but without success.

She came to my clinic with, aside from having this scar on the heel, the following conditions:
The large vein in the leg, responsible for the circulation of the blood in the foot, seemed shortened. Also, some parts of the smaller vein in the foot area were leaking. On both lower legs were so-called lymphedema, bottlenecks of the lymph system that led to swelling of the skin.

Treatment and methodology
Under my supervision the woman underwent a specific treatment: it consisted of a combination of carboxy, PRP and BIOPTRON Hyperlight treatment.
The treatment with BIOPTRON was done for 15 min per day for 6 days per week over a duration of 11 weeks.

The results after 3 months were amazing: After the BIOPTRON + PRP + carboxy treatment, the lesion is completely closed and healed.

The above mentioned conditions (shortage of large vein in leg, leaking of small vein in foot, lymphedema) turned out to be favorably affected as well. Moreover, there was no sign of a vein inflammation, which is most likely due to the anti-inflammatory effect of BIOPTRON Hyperlight Therapy.

This case is a remarkable evidence of the powerful effect of BIOPTRON Hyperlight Therapy, as mono or supporting treatment that can help even in cases that had not cured for years.