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Dr Maggie Embrey - Testimonial photo

Dr Maggie Embrey

Dr Maggie Embrey, December 2016
Professional Testimonial

Thank you so much for the excellent service with purchasing our Bioptron light.

We are loving it, and so are our clients. I already have a few great testimonies to share. My husband couldn’t speak last night because of a strep throat condition, after 2 treatments last night and another 2 this morning he is up and Adam again.

One of my herbal medicine suppliers had accidently washed his contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide instead of the contact lense solution, his eye was blood shot, swollen, and very sore when he got to me yesterday. After 2 x 10 minute treatments with the light all the puffiness was gone, the redness completely disappeared, all pain and burning and irritation was gone. Amazing! It would have taken me 2 hour treatment WITH medication to get him sorted without the lamp!

Another 65 year old client came to me with both ears blocked , in pain and with otitis getting worse. After a ittle bit of Acupuncure treatment and 2 sessions of light therapy on each ear, both ears popped open, the pain was gone, when she wanted to stop taking her pharmaceutical ear drops I told her to go back to her medical dr, and ask him if she could stop taking the drops- without telling him she had the light therapy. She did so, and the doctor said for her not to continue with the drops since, amazingly, the symptoms disappeared.

The list continues. A young woman with bad acne had miraculous results with 3 sessions of the light therapy in one day, and 2 sessions on her ankle where she had lots of pain and her foot was swollen, the lump and swelling disappeared and she has no pain.