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Mgr. Markéta Koutná - Bioptron News photo

Mgr. Markéta Koutná

Mgr. Markéta Koutná,
Internal Department General University Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic
Wound Management Consultancy at the Medical Faculty, Charles University General University Hospital in Prague.
Professional Testimonial

I have been using with success BIOPTRON light therapy for 10 years to treat my patients.

During that time light therapy was indicated to hundreds of patients; for example, for the treatment of leg ulcers or various surface lesions. I became acquainted with BIOPTRON in 2006 at the EWMA International Wound Management Conference and I had been asked to try BIOPTRON Pro 1 to treat my heel spur.

Soon after that, we began using the lamp to treat our patients in the Wound Management Consultancy Office in Prague, and as early as one month in, we were able to conclude objectively - we had had a very good way of comparison with a control group of patients not treated in this way - that light therapy had positive effects in the treatment of patients with leg sores.

It is scientifically proven that wounds caused by leg ulcers are the most painful ones. Even burns are in second place in terms of pain. That is because pain caused by leg ulcers is very strong and continual. BIOPTRON can reduce to some extent the level of pain and render relief in those cases. Besides, if patients with this problem have and use regularly the lamps also at their homes, the therapeutic and analgesic effects are even more prominent. Leg ulcers were the most frequently treated disease in the Wound Management Consultancy Office; now, in the Strahov Wound Healing Out-Patient Office, we do not differentiate BIOPTRON lamp indications by wound kinds, we have even begun using light therapy also in the environs of ischemic wounds.

Furthermore, we use light therapy to treat various surface lesions, which is a summary name for bruises and surface wounds. In the case of surface lesions, the lamp's great advantage is that it can be used also during the night, when patients sleep. Most recently, we would like to begin using BIOPTRON at our department for the prevention of bedsores.

Our patients, in all age categories, respond to BIOPTRON only in a positive way. They even want to be informed in detail about its effects, and as soon as they try it practically on themselves, they wish to have BIOPTRON at home.

In my opinion, for example, all wheelchair users should have their lamps at home as a standard, because bedsores are their life-long issue and light therapy both helps cure and prevent them. In this group, phototherapy should be a usual part of their personal hygiene, which should be completed with lighting on the buttocks region, to improve the skin quality on those exposed parts and prevent possible complications. Light therapy promotes collagen formation and, consequently, the skin quality. Time is the most important factor for leg ulcer treatment – BIOPTRON should be applied for at least 20 minutes and repeated on a regular basis for several months”.