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Burn Injury - Bioptron News photo

Burn Injury

Cristian Ileana, Romania
Customer Testimonial

My name is Cristian Ileana and I am 76 years-old from Romania. I had a domestic accident and severely burned my lips and 80% of the oral cavity.

“I had the BIOPTRON Pro 1 device with the Color Therapy filters at home already so I began treatment. Since it was Saturday I thought that it would be very hard to find somebody to consult me at the hospital.
At first, I used BIOPTRON with the blue light and an hour later, I used the yellow light. For the third session, another hour later, I used BIOPTRON without the Color therapy. I repeated the sessions, every hour, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday thus reaching a number of 30 sessions (I also used the Oxy Sterile Spray before the light therapy). After 3 days I was 90% healed. I am thrilled to have this wonderful product at home”.