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Polarized Light and orange Filter in Children after Burns, Egypt, 2018  - Testimonial photo
1/1/0218, Egypt Professional

Polarized Light and orange Filter in Children after Burns, Egypt, 2018

Research Group
Cairo, Egypt

A study from a research group of Cairo University investigated the effect of the combination of Bioptron medical polarized polychromatic light and Bioptron`s orange filter on children (aged 3-7 years of age) after a burn to the hands and wrists.

This randomized controlled study investigated 30 children: 15 children with scar standard management (ultrawaves, massage & mobility exercises) and 15 children who were additionally treated for 15 min with BIOPTRON medical polychromatic polarized light, followed by 15 min with the orange filter from BIOPTRON’s color therapy set.

The BIOPTRON treated children received medical polarized light 3 times/week for one month. The scars were assessed before treatment and after 1 month and compared to the children in the standard scar management group. Scar assessment included scores for vascularity, pigmentation, height/thickness and pliability.

The children treated with BIOPTRON medical light therapy showed significant improvements in the scar assessment compared to standard scar management alone. Ultimately, the authors concluded that BIOPTRON polychromatic and the orange filtered polarized light have a special and beneficial effect on decreasing pediatric scars after burns.

Available Reference upon Request:
Nesrein A. Abd Elrashid NA, Sanad DA, Mahmoud NF, Hamada HA, Abdelmoety AM, Kenawy AM. Effect of orange polarized light on post burn pediatric scar: a single blind randomized clinical trial. J Phy Ther Sci. 2018. 30: 1227–1231,