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A Revolutionary Medical Technology


Health - How it works

Health - How it works
BIOPTRON Light Therapy can facilitate and speed up wound healing through the stimulation of reparative and regenerative processes, promoting anti-inflammatory effects and enhancing the body’s defense system.


BIOPTRON Light Therapy’s effective technology combined with Zepter Swiss quality cosmetics promotes the absorption of active ingredients, triggering a faster, visible and long-lasting effect on the skin.

Light Color Therapy

Light Color Therapy
We don’t only perceive color visually, but we also absorb it subconsciously through our skin, muscles and the rest of our body.

Certified Quality System according to Dekra

DEKRA ISO 9001 QM System DEKRA 13485 Medical QMS DEKRA 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive EU DEKRA CAMDCAS for Canada FDA
ISO 9001
QM System
Medical QMS
Medical Device
Directive EU
for Canada
Business Network
510 (k) clearance
for pain

We are presently looking for full-time or part-time Zepter Medical Consultants



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E. Kurer
I use BIOPTRON Light therapy to minimize the signs of aging. I noticed my fine lines & wrinkles are removed for younger looking skin. I have such grea... more...
O. Fanel
After surgery I was told to use BIOPTRON Light therapy to help reduce my scarring. I noticed right away how quickly the swelling reduced, the color of... more...
D. Simenonova
I have been suffering from arthritis pain for more than 10 years. As per dr’s recommendation I started to use BIOPTRON Light twice a day for 10 min. I... more...

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