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BIOPTRON® Hyperlight is an ideal medical treatment for pets, ensuring fast and effective healing of various animal problems.

BIOPTRON® Hyperlight is an easy, effective, non-invasive therapy with short duration of treatment (treatments of approx. 10 minutes per day, even if a second treatment is recommended). Treatment is very easily tolerated and accepted, which plays an important role with difficult ‘patients’. BIOPTRON® Hyperlight Therapy can be combined with any other treatment, whereby its synergetic effects can be observed. For the comfort and health of the animals, BIOPTRON® Hyperlight Therapy can be applied directly on the skin, and no shaving is required before treatment.

BIOPTRON® Hyperlight Therapy is committed to provide longer and healthier lives for animals, extending to them its clinically proven effects. BIOPTRON® Hyperlight Therapy increases the range of therapeutic possibilities in the veterinary field, which should not be missed.

Man and dog

Horse diagram
  1. New & old injuries
    • Muscles
    • Joints
    • Tendons
  2. Capped hocks
  3. Foot ailments
    • Absesses
    • Bruising
  4. Behaviour problems
    • Stress & anxiety
    • Relaxation
    • Stimulation effects for the whole body
  5. Immune system boosting
    • Performance
    • Viral infections
    • Sarcoids
  6. Wounds
    • Cuts
    • Proud flesh
    • Scar tissue
  7. Shin Soreness
  8. Inflamed sesamoids

Treatment 01


Treatment 02


BIOPTRON® Therapy effective use in the complex wound healing of horses

The images below are of a two-year-old horse. The wound seen here was one day old when treatment commenced with BIOPTRON® Light Therapy. The course of treatment ended 7 weeks later with comprehensive results.

Fast improvement of eczema in cats

The cat received 10 sessions, once a day in the nose area to treat the eczema. There are visible positive effects from the first treatment, until the complete healing within 10 days.

Arrival at clinic

Arrival at clinic

Arrival at clinic

Arrival at clinic

Session 1

Session 1

Session 3

Session 3

Session 4

Session 4

Session 5

Session 5

Session 6

Session 6

Session 7

Session 7

Session 8

Session 8