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Bioptron: For Optimum Stimulation Of Collagen & Elastin - Bioptron Doctor's Corner photo
February 2016

Bioptron: For Optimum Stimulation Of Collagen & Elastin

Dr. Urszula Hura
About author:
Owner of Hura Medical Centre


Dr. Hura at work with BIOPTRON 2 in her Medical Clinic.

I have used the polarized light of BIOPTRON for the past 18 years as one of the main methods in my practice, supporting beauty treatments and aesthetic medicine treatments. Thanks to regular light therapy treatments, we notice in a short time results in the scope of absorption both of cosmetic preparations and aesthetics medicine preparations, improving skin nutrition, and due to excellent stimulation of collagen fibres and elastin - reducing both shallow and deep wrinkles.
We also use Bioptron light therapy very successfully in treatments for alopecia aerate or in order to improve the condition of weak hair. We have used a mixed method – the light therapy and the head massage, sometimes together with a tonic for hair bulbs. In using such methods, we notice a quick improvement of hair condition, reducing hair loss and returning hair brilliance.
Our offices are famous for excellent results in skin revitalization - thanks to a routine combination of classic methods that are used in aesthetics medicine along with BIOPTRON light therapy. Practically, all aesthetics medicine treatments are finished with the polarized light therapy. Thanks to this, we are certain that preparations are excellently absorbed and in addition we reduce the risk of infection.
The radiation treatment gives us certainty to obtain better results of the therapy both in biomimetic mesotherapy, PRP plasma treatments, removal discolorations, modelling of facial contours or injection of botox or hyaluronic acid. Spectacular effects of the use of the polarized light are visible in the tissue healing after aesthetic surgeries. This is very valuable in all treatments, not only as an ordinary “catalyst”  to speed up the tissue healing process but also as a quick method to reduce swelling. It is absolutely crucial to return permeability after  rhinoplasty. I would recommend BIOPTRON’s innovative, physiological and no side-effects  method  for everyday practice.