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Anti-Aging, Anti Wrinkle - Bioptron News photo

Anti-Aging, Anti Wrinkle

Ms. Biljana Obradović, Belgrade, SERBIA
TV host and FC Partizan PR Executive 

I use BIOPTRON whenever I can, both for cosmetic purposes and for sore throat, low immune system etc.

“Since I am not a fan of surgery, I always try to remove any new wrinkle on my face in a natural way.

I have noticed that if I regularly use light therapy, the mimic wrinkles on the face and forehead are reduced. In that way, the natural colagen synthesis is stimulated. I would like to have a big BIOPTRON, so that I can treat the whole face at once.

After a very strong anesthesia, I was unable to open my mouth and to eat for three weeks. Eventually, I remembered to treat this spot with BIOPTRON and after only 48 hours, all my muscles were relieved and I returned to my everyday engagements”.