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I underwent major brain surgery - Testimonial photo

I underwent major brain surgery

Customer Testimonial

I have written this in the hope that those who need healing, pampering and/or therapy will go to Complete Therapy, and will be helped.

I underwent major brain surgery. On Wednesday 8 August I was discharged from hospital, needing to return after two days, as my stitches weren't ready to be removed. Two days later, Friday, my stitches remained. My wound had not closed. I had to repeat my returning to hospital on Monday. Hopefully, then, they'd be removed.

Meanwhile, on Friday, when I arrived home with my Mom, I shared my desire to look at the building next door to our flat, where my Mother was going to work as a Therapeutic Reflexologist. Feeling well enough, we walked to the place. There I met Carol Stuart, the part owner of the business. She took me on a guided tour. In one of the rooms, Carol showed me a lamp, which is specifically used for healing. She explained that the light helped with scarring, enabling wounds to heal properly (amongst other healing qualities). Sharing this new knowledge, my Mom and I returned home.

Monday arrived. My stitches were removed. However, parts of the wound were still open. The thought of something like my skull and brains splattering on the floor was bizarre, yet freaky. In spite of having been given an antibiotic cream to prevent infection, I had to stop using it because I became allergic. Anxious about my wound and the dreadful idea of it giving problems, I remembered the light therapy. With the consent of my surgeon, I went to complete therapy, where I had five BIOPTRON Light Therapy treatments. After five days my wound had healed comfortably and completely.

I hope that other people will be inspired to try Complete Therapy. I hope, too, that they will also be satisfied as I, myself, was and am.