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I have had excellent results with Bioptron. - Testimonial photo

I have had excellent results with Bioptron.

Prof Celene Bernstein, Johannesburg, 2019
Professional Testimonial

I have used it on ACNE patients and together with the right products and light therapy, their skin has improved dramatically.

As a result they have purchased the Compact III to use in the comfort of their home.

I have used it on patients with PINK EYE, SINUSITIS, TOOTHACHE, HEADACHES, SPRAINED ANKLES, ARTHRITIS, LUPUS, BURN-OUT, etc. Clients have felt so much better after the use of the light that most of them come on a regular basis for treatment and many have purchased the lamp to use at home.

I have also used the lamp on dehydrated, neglected skin to improve absorption of skin care products with incredible results.

I believe that every household should have a Bioptron. Children love using it and it definitely has accelerated healing.